December news from SouthWest Kitchens

Nowelle, dear kitchen friends, Nowelle !

So busy preparing Christmas, I forgot to send out news from SouthWest Kitchens. Never too late, so they say…



For those of you who want to REST and not cook during the holiday season, this is for you. To win, an amazing prize of home baked goods that will allow you (well, the lucky winner) to do less over Christmas. Let yourselves be tempted by : 

-       a competition moussaka for 15 guests
-       two beautiful pies, one chicken and another vegetarian
-       soup : beet, leek, celery, chicken and veg… We like soup at SouthWest Kitchens and we know how to make a good one !
-       lime marmalade and caramelized onions
-       homemade granola
-       and probably other delicacies, depending on my inspiration in the coming days.

Be ready to buy/reserve your tickets ! 1 for $1, 6 for $5. The raffle will take place during the next community meal, Wednesday Dec. 20th. The profits will go towards a new and much needed kitchen counter.


IMG_1397 (1).jpg

Wednesday Dec. 20th: Welcome Wednesday Christmas special as we will be bringing you a festive buffet. Volunteer cooks, this is the time to be creative. Thanks to many generous donations, our pantry is now full again – I had a dream of canned tomatoes : the cans appeared ! We have more than enough wonderful ingredients to work with, so let’s make the most of it. The service will start at 12 :30, all are welcome. Reminder : during the meal, we will be raffling a special food basket from the kitchen.

Tuesday, Dec. 26th: it’s the Mission’s Turkey Dinner, that attracts approximately 200 people every year. The menu couldn’t be more traditional : turkey with stuffing, gravy, and all the usual trimmings. The meal is coordinated and prepared by Dorothy Brown and her army of volunteers. If you want to join the team of helpers, or reserve your spot for the meal, please contact Amy at or 514 768-6231.


We are still working on an appropriate formula for this cooking workshop. Grand Potager organized a few once Un plant de tomate’s season was over ; the evening schedule however doesn’t work so well in the cold season, and the participants seem to be short on time and energy. The workshops I had announced for December have been cancelled – but that doesn’t mean they won’t come back in the New Year : we will be back with new ideas and a renewed post-vacation energy !


Registration is currently in process for the Winter session (8 workshops as of Jan. 9th, $40) :

10-12-yr-olds : Easy Peasy Recipes, every Tuesday, 5-6:15 pm
Be quick, the workshop is filling up very very quickly!

13+: TeenCuisine, every Wednesday, 5-7 pm
Parents who have a teenager, this is for you : try and convince yours to come ! Go, parents, go ! It is amazingly difficult to recruit a teenager, I need all the help I can get !

Have a great holiday season !

And if you want to be immersed in the spirit of Christmas, join us this Sunday, Dec. 17th at 4:00 pm at SouthWest United Church (1445, Clémenceau) for a Christmas concert.


Léonore Pion
Community cook
Kitchen coordinator, SouthWest Mission 
Facebook: SouthWest Kitchens