March Break Cooking Camp


Our community chef, Leonore, is proposing a day camp the week of March 5th to 9th for young cooks age 10 to 15. Don't want them home staring at screens all week? This could be the answer. Youngsters will learn basic skills they can use all their lives. In the course of the week they will help prepare a community meal (Wednesday) and a High tea on the Friday. They are also sure to bring some tasty things home to their families in the course of the week. The camp will be bilingual. 9AM - 4PM Monday to Friday. Cost: $250 per child. For safety reasons, and to ensure one-on-one attention for each camper, there are only five places available. If interested, contact

Bake sale and food drive this Sunday

bake_sale (2).jpg

This Sunday, February 18th, is the first of Lent. There will be communion during the 10 AM service and those who are able are asked to bring non-perishable food items to support our food security initiatives. After the service, there will be regular fellowship time, but also sandwiches and a bake sale. If you have baked goods to contribute, bring them along a little early Sunday morning. 1445 Clemenceau, Verdun.

Minister's Message: Ash Wednesday and Valentine Love

As part of the 2018 Lenten Covenant I commit to this spiritual practice: following the Bible Reading Guide and prayer, everyday. This simple routine during the 40 days of Lent is meant to groove a positive practice in my life and create a shared experience with my brothers and sisters on this journey towards Good Friday and Easter life.

As followers of Jesus we need to root ourselves in relationship like he did, with God, ourselves and others. How many times in the Gospels do we read that Jesus took time alone to pray? This spiritual practice gave him the strength to face the challenges of each day, the words that would cut across religious observance and the courage to live God's way: in Light and Justice! No matter the cost.

Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day were on the same day this year. Some might say: discordant celebrations. The daily reading was that most lovely text of 1 Corinthians 13. For me it linked the celebration of Love and the Ashes that show a commitment to follow Jesus' way. It held up Love as the highest ideal, one that calls us to follow Jesus' teachings and practice.

Here is our Lenten call from Paul’s writings to the Corinthian faith community (from The Message translation, verses 4-8a).


Love never gives up.
Love cares more for others than for self.
Love doesn't want what it doesn't have.

Is this how you will love? 

Love doesn't strut,
Doesn't have a swelled head,
Doesn't force itself on others,
Isn't always "me first,"
Doesn't fly off the handle,
Doesn't keep score of the sins of others,
Doesn't revel when others grovel,
Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth, 

Is this how you will love? 

Love puts up with anything,
Trusts God always,
Always looks for the best,
Never looks back,
But keeps going to the end.
Love never dies.”

Is this how you will love?

I say: YES!!
We say: YES!!
This is how we will live this Lenten journey, together!

Rev. David

- Please let an elder or Rev David know if you are committing to the practice of daily bible reading and prayer this Lenten Season. The coupon on the bottom of the Lenten Covenant 2018 can also be placed in the offering plate.

- Ashes will be available during this Sunday's Communion service.


SouthWest Looking Good in Aujourd'hui Credo


The French-language online magazine of the United Church of Canada is called Aujourd'hui Credo. In the most recent issue (Winter 2017-2018) there are several articles that relate to the SouthWest community. The special section "Nouvelles generations" introduces a number of young people who are very involved in the United Church. One is our own Georgia Barratt-Lamey who was interviewed about her experiences first as a participant in United Church youth activities and later as an organizer. (She is currently, in addition to going to school, the Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the Montreal and Ottawa Conference). There are also two pieces written by our own Joëlle Leduc, who is currently a Minister-in-training in the Laurentians, and who will be ordained this coming May 26th. Those articles are titled «Dieu ne me regarde pas avec jugement, mais avec amour» and «L'Église pêle-mêle des Laurentides». Both Georgia and Joëlle mention how they were nurtured by the SouthWest community early in their journeys.

SouthWest dans la revue Aujourd'hui Credo


Aujourd'hui Credo est la revue oecuménique en ligne de l'Église Unie. Le dernier numéro (Hiver 2017-2018) contient plusieurs articles qui parlent de membres de notre communauté. À noter: dans le dossier Nouvelles Générations, une entrevue avec Georgia Barratt-Lamey concernant son impliquation en tant que jeune de l'Église Unie et ensuite comme organisatrice d'activités pour les jeunes. Cet article s'intitule «Tu as donc bien grandi: Rencontre avec Georgia Barratt-Lamey»  Il ya aussi un témoignage de Joëlle Leduc entitré «Dieu ne me regarde pas avec jugement, mais avec amour», et puis dans la section Ressources Liturgiques, il y a un autre article de Joëlle parlant de ses expériences avec le Ministère régionale des Laurentides entitré «Église pêle-mêle des Laurentides». Toutes les deux, Georgia et Joëlle, mentionnent le rôle que SouthWest a joué dans leur parcours.

News from SouthWest Music

Colds, flu, mountains of snow: we love the winter! If music at SouthWest has been lingering on the back burner of late, we’re all clearing our throats to heat things up a bit. Lent is a time for both quiet reflection and calls to action, and music can help unlock the keys to both.


 March 4: Soup Drive

You are invited to a simple lunch of homemade soup and bread downstairs after the service. You are also invited to bring along a few tins of soup, which will be collected.
Although all music is special, we will have a few guests for this service.
Details to follow.

March 18: Food for Thought

Once more, you are invited to share a simple meal of soup and bread after the service.
If it has been easier to sidestep issues concerning First Nations People in Canada in the past, it is no longer. This is a huge topic for discussion, but we’re going to make a start at our own round table after lunch.
Details to follow.

*Doug Hastie, Dennis Brown, Aline Sorel, Steve Scales, Darlene Halfyard,
Sarah Fraser.

Welcome Wednesday featuring Mini-Market (Feb. 14)


One thing our chef can reveal about next Wednesday's community lunch: there will be chocolate! It's Valentine's Day after all. The menu will be inspired by the hot sun of Mexico with a main course featuring cerdo con molle (pork with rich dark molle sauce). As always there will be a vegetarian option, and of course, plenty of dessert!
Lunch is served/ le dîner est servi/ El almuerzo está servida @12H30

The mini-market on the same day will feature a variety of fruits and vegetables at affordable prices. Please see the order form attached below. Send it in to Sheila or Maurice ahead of time if you want to be sure to get the produce you want. Market is open from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM. 


Happy Valentine's Day!

A Lenten Covenant 2018

Renewing  God, we seek the presence of your Spirit.
Be our Guide and Companion as we walk with Christ this Lenten Season.  Amen

Covenant fills the pages of scripture; God inviting our forefathers and mothers of faith into committed relationship: Noah, Abraham and Sarah, Moses and Miriam, Barak and Deborah, Mary and Joseph, and so many more. Covenant is the bedrock of faith, the unshakeable promises that we can trust and believe in. Isaiah 43:1b-5 captures its essence:

I have called you by name – you are mine.
When you pass through deep waters, I will be with you;
your troubles will not overwhelm you.
When you pass through fire, you will not be burnt;
the hard trials that come will not hurt you.
Because you are precious to me
and because I love you and give you honour,
Do not be afraid – I am with you!

Lent is an ancient tradition that dates back to the third century CE starting with Ash Wednesday through to Holy Week and ending in Easter celebration. Many have given up various things during this period, and contrition, fasting, almsgiving are often part of a Lenten experience. I would like to make a promise this year: to root my life in daily spiritual practice that includes prayer and scripture reading. I want to invite you into this Lenten Covenant.

The scriptures, following the Canadian Bible Society’s Daily Reading Guide 2018, are available online or in paper copies in English and French, at SouthWest Church or Mission. They can be read each day at a convenient and quiet time, with a prayerful beginning, and ending with Intercessions and the Lord’s Prayer (see reverse).

For those willing to make this covenant I would ask you to let me know via email, text, face to face or by signing the attached sheet and placing it on the offering plate during worship. I would be interested in discussing the experience with participants as it goes along. If you are too, let’s find a time to share as a small group.

As we live this lenten journey together may God lead us to new wisdom and growth. May we hold precious the gift of travelling companions and know that grace that we are never alone. May we as a community of faith discern together where God is leading us. And as we follow Jesus, may we too have the courage to live God’s way no matter the risk or where covenant leads us.

Rev. David



1)Opening my Heart

God of call, God of transformation,
God of the Lenten journey;
help us to discern your still, small voice.
Open us to change and growth
that we may walk with Christ.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

2)Scripture Readings:

 3)Quiet Listening

4) Intercessions and Thanks (personal, congregation, neighbours, wider world), Lord’s Prayer

 5)Closing Prayer

 Gracious God,
bless and transform all that we offer:
our faltering steps,
our brokenness,
our hope, our risking, our hearts,
that your covenant may be written on our hearts
and we may be a blessed and transformed covenant people.
In Jesus’ name.  Amen


Une alliance pour le Carême 2018

Dieu de renouveau, nous demandons la présence de ton Esprit.
Sois notre guide, notre compagnon, pour marcher avec Christ en ce temps de Carême. Amen.

La notion d’alliance est présente tout au long des Écritures, alors que Dieu appelle à une relation engagée nos ancêtres dans la foi : Noé, Abraham et Sarah, Moïse et Miriam, Barak et Deborah, Marie et Joseph, et tant d’autres. L’alliance est le fondement de la foi, les promesses indéfectibles auxquelles nous pouvons croire. Les versets d’Ésaïe (43, 1b-5) en traduisent l’essentiel :

Je t’ai appelé par ton nom – tu es à moi.
Si tu traverses les eaux, je serai avec toi;
si tu passes les fleuves, ils ne t’emporteront pas;
si tu marches dans le feu, tu ne te brûleras pas,
et les flammes ne te dévoreront pas.
du fait que tu as du prix à mes yeux,
du fait que tu es glorifié et que je t’aime.
Naie pas peur – car je suis avec toi.

Le Carême est une ancienne tradition qui remonte au troisième siècle de l’ère chrétienne. Il débute par le Mercredi des Cendres et se poursuit jusqu’à la Semaine sainte pour se terminer avec la célébration de Pâques. Plusieurs personnes soulignent cette période de diverses manières; ainsi la repentance, le jeûne et l’aumône font souvent partie de l’expérience du Carême.

J’aimerais faire une promesse cette année : celle d’enraciner ma vie dans une pratique spirituelle quotidienne incluant la prière et la lecture de la bible. Et j’aimerais vous inviter à vous engager vous aussi dans cette alliance pour le temps du Carême.

Vous pouvez vous procurer les textes du Carême en suivant le Guide 2018 de lectures bibliques quotidiennes de la Société biblique canadienne. Ces textes sont accessibles en ligne ou en copies papier (en français et en anglais) à l’Église ou à la Mission du Sud-Ouest. Vous pouvez les lire tous les jours au moment de tranquilité qui vous convient. Commencez par la prière, et terminez par une intercession et par la prière du Seigneur (verso).

Si vous désirez vous engager dans cette alliance, j’aimerais que vous me le fassiez savoir par courriel, par texto, en personne, ou en signant la feuille ci-jointe et en la déposant dans le plateau d’offrande au cours du culte. J’aimerais discuter de cette expérience avec vous tout au long du processus. Si vous êtes intéressés, trouvons du temps pour constituer un petit groupe de discussion.

Que Dieu nous apporte sagesse et croissance au cours de ce voyage du Carême que nous entreprenons ensemble. Ayons à cœur d’apprécier le don de nos compagnons et compagnes de voyage, en sachant que nous bénéficions de la grâce de n’être jamais seuls. Que nous puissions discerner comme communauté de foi la destination vers laquelle Dieu nous guide. Et qu’en suivant Jésus nous ayons le courage de vivre selon ce que Dieu attend de nous, qu’importe le risque que nous fait vivre cette alliance.

Pasteur David




1)    Ouvrir mon coeur

Dieu qui nous appelle à nous transformer,
Dieu du voyage qu’est le Carême,
aide-nous à discerner ta voix, aussi calme et subtile soit-elle.
Ouvre-nous au changement et à la croissance
afin que nous puissions marcher avec Christ.

Au nom de Jésus, nous te prions. Amen.

 2)    Lectures bibliques :

 3)    Écoute attentive

 4)    Prières d’intercession et de gratitude (personnelles, pour la paroisse, pour nos voisins et connaissances, pour le monde), La Prière du Seigneur

5)    Prière de clôture

 Dieu bienveillant,
bénis et transforme tout ce que nous t’offrons :
nos pas hésitants,
nos blessures,
nos espoirs, nos tentatives et nos efforts,
afin que ton alliance s’inscrive en nos cœurs
et que nous puissions devenir un peuple d’alliance béni et transformé.
Au nom de Jésus, nous te le demandons. Amen



Bakers wanted!

Southwest is planning a bake sale on Sunday, February 18 following worship. The ladies are preparing sandwiches so you can purchase your lunch if you want to, then stock up on baked goods. We always like to try new goodies, so if you have a specialty, please consider donating a batch. Worship is from 10AM to about 11AM, sale will start around 11:30. If you need help getting your baked goods to church, contact Darlene,