Better Together Harvest Party/ Fête des récoltes

With the Harvest Season coming to an end, it is that time of the year to thank mother nature for the bountiful crops she has provided. What better way to celebrate this moment than with a Community Harvest Party? SouthWest is a recipient of a $1000 grant from the Aviva Community Fund. So what are we doing with the money? Having friends over, of course!
Please join SouthWest and their team on Wednesday September 26 for a very special Welcome Wednesday Community lunch at 12:30 and visit our Mini Market for some fresh fruits and vegetables at great prices!
Let’s bring together our partners, our volunteer teams and staff BUT most of all the community; an inclusive community event where people can come and enjoy local music, our market, our food opportunities and share SouthWest’s vision “We provide a table where all are welcome, with food for body, mind and spirit.”

Here’s what Aviva says about their initiative:

We believe that good things happen when people come together. Even great things. We get to know our neighbours. We do things to help each other. We become more resilient. That’s why this year’s theme for the Aviva Community Fund is about bringing people together to create change within our community.


To celebrate 10 years of impact, we’re donating another $1 million to fund charitable initiatives across Canada. Because communities are better together

Congrats to our $1,000 #BetterTogether event winners!


First Meli-Melo of the School Year!

If you look at your calendar, you might notice that September 23rd is actually the 4th Sunday of September, but we’re advertising Messy Church on the 3rd Sunday of the month. What?
You’re right: we’re messing with you. This month our informal celebration is the fourth Sunday, but moving forward it will be the third. If you’re the type who likes to mark their calendar ahead of time, here are the next dates:

October 21st
November 18th

The Children’s Christmas Party is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, December 1st this year. Meanwhile, join us September 23rd at 12:30 for family, food and fun:


Meet the Candidates/ Rencontre avec les candidats


Derrière les partis politiques, il y a des hommes et des femmes engagés. Qui sont-ils? Qui sont les candidats de Verdun aux élections provinciales? Qu’est-ce qui les animent et quels sont leurs enjeux prioritaires? Voilà ce à quoi veut répondre cette rencontre d’idées le 19 septembre à 18h30 à la Mission du Sud-Ouest.

Les 6 candidats de Verdun seront assis chacun à une table et par « tranche » de 12 minutes de petits groupes pourront échanger avec eux sur divers sujets. C’est presqu’un « speed dating politique »! L’idée est de vous donner réellement la chance d’échanger, d’argumenter et surtout de mieux connaître chacun des candidats. Vous pourrez ainsi faire un choix éclairé pour les élections!

Cette événement est ouvert à tous les Verdunois: familles, aînés, franco/anglo... les enfants sont les bienvenue! (Baby friendly)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Behind the political parties, there are committed men and women. Who are they? Who are #Verdun's candidates in the provincial elections? What drives them and what are their priority issues? That's what this meeting of ideas means to answer on September 19th at 6:30PM at SouthWest Mission.

The 6 candidates from Verdun will each sit at a table and small groups will be able to discuss with them on various topics for 12 minute "slices" of time. It's almost a political speed dating! The idea is to really give you the chance to exchange, to argue and especially to better know each candidate. You will be able to make an informed choice for the elections!

This event is open to all Verduners: families, seniors, franco / anglo ... children are welcome! (Baby friendly)

IMG_4955 (1).JPG

September Food Calendars

Did you know that every week day, seniors can drop in to a Snack Bar (casse-croûte) at the Centre des ainés located in the Marcel Giroux community centre, any time between 10AM and 3PM? This is just one resource to discover by consulting these monthly calendars put out by Verdun sans faim. One focuses on community meals, the second on markets, food banks and collective kitchens.

Saviez-vous que chaque semaine, de lundi à vendredi, 10H à 15H, les ainés sont acceuillis au Casse-croûte du Centre des ainés localisé au Centre communautaire Marcel-Giroux? Ceci n'est qu'un des ressources alimentaires à découvrir dans les calendriers mensuels fourmis par Verdun sans faim. Où manger vous dirige vers les repas communautaires; Ou cuisiner est votre resource en épiceries à bas prix et cuisines collectives.

Apple picking/ Ride for Refuge: Two Events with Montreal City Mission


Ride For Refuge - September 29th 2018
The annual bike-a-thon is fast approaching.

Once again WE NEED YOU to make our annual bike-a-thon a success!

In order to sustain our services to vulnerable migrants we need the support of our community of friends more than ever!

Please show your support by biking or walking along with us and making a donation.


Welcome Stefana!

Montreal, August 21, 2018
The Marché Mobile Verdun\ Verdun Mobile Market project names coordinator

SouthWest Mission welcomes the funding provided by the Direction régionale de la santé publique (DRSP) for the Verdun Mobile Market project aiming to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to the vulnerable communities of Verdun, and announces the hiring of Stefana Lamasanu as the project coordinator. A Verdun resident actively and passionately engaged in the local community, Stefana wants to ensure the promotion of healthy eating and a better access to fresh produce.
"In the last few years, the charm of our borough has been attracting an increasing number of new Verdun residents, bringing along a change in the local economic profile and an increasingly diverse commercial landscape. However, as we profit from such changes, we must not forget our more vulnerable citizens. It is time to ensure a larger reach of healthy and fresh produce in our neighbourhood, and that is precisely what the Verdun Mobile Market intends to do," declares Stefana.
In order to celebrate her appointment, and the project’s imminent start, the Mission will invite the community to an upcoming Mini Market to take place during the month of September. Invitations to follow.
The SouthWest Mission, in collaboration with the CDSV (Concertation en développement social de Verdun), the Verdun CSSS (Centre de santé et de services sociaux), and Grand Potager, aims to make food accessible to all. The Mission also works in partnerships with the Lester B. Pearson School Board, Moisson Montréal, the Anglo Family Council, among others, and is part of the Verdun sans faim roundtable. The Mission offers a variety of services to the Verdun community, such as the Breakfast Club, the Welcome Wednesday community lunches, the Wednesday Mini Market, and a Community Depanneur.

Breakfast Club delayed, Seeking Volunteers

The first day of school at Verdun Elementary and most of the Lester B. Pearson School Board is Wednesday, August 29th. We had hoped to have Breakfast Club in place from that first day as we usually do, but unfortunately, delays in the renovations will make it impossible to have children in the Mission that week. We are now expecting Breakfast Club to start one week later, (Sept. 5) with the possibility that it may be in the school rather than the Mission for a little bit. We will keep you posted as soon as plans are definite!

That said, we are still in preparation mode and accepting financial and food donations for the program, especially the following items:


frozen Eggo or other brand waffles
sliced orange cheese or blocks of white cheese
cream cheese
sliced sandwich bread
English muffins

In addition, Breakfast Club is seeking a few good volunteers for any day of the week. The gratification that comes from seeing children start their school day with a healthy breakfast is worth the early start time! If interested, please contact Shelia at or  Sue at

Invitation to Community Organizations


Important announcement regarding relations with English-speaking Quebecers

Montreal, August 14th, 2018 - Please note that the minister responsible for Access to Information and the Reform of Democratic Institutions and minister responsible for Relations with English-Speaking Quebecers, Ms. Kathleen Weil, with the Minister of Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change, and MNA for Verdun, Ms. Isabelle Melançon, will hold a press conference on Tuesday at 10 am to announce major funding to improve access to programs and services for English-speaking communities throughout Quebec.

Date:               Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Time:              10 am

Location:        Dawson Boys & Girls Club, 
                       666 Woodland Avenue, Verdun Qc H4H 1V8

  Mérouan Bahl    |   Attaché Politique

Bureau de la Ministre du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques.

Députée de Verdun, Mme Isabelle Melançon.

4110 rue Wellington | bureau 301
Verdun (Québec)  H4G1V7
Tél. : 514 766-7503 | Téléc. : 514 766-1136 |



Annonce importante concernant les relations avec les Québécois d’expression anglaise

Montréal, le 14 août 2018  – Veuillez prendre note que la ministre responsable de l’Accès à l’information et de la Réforme des institutions démocratiques et responsable des Relations avec les Québécois d’expression anglaise, Mme Kathleen Weil en compagnie de la ministre du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques et députée de Verdun, Mme. Isabelle Melançon, tiendront un point de presse mardi à 10 h afin d’annoncer un important financement pour améliorer l’accès aux programmes et aux services pour les communautés d’expression anglaise à travers le Québec 

 Date :              Mardi, 14 août 2018

 Heure :            10 h

 Endroit :         Repaire jeunesse Dawson
                        666, av. Woodland, Verdun , Qc H4H 1V8