Music Sunday October 28/ Dimanche en musique 28 octobre

Come celebrate our return to the Church with a service filled with wonderful music, the universal language. The building will be warm, clean and inviting, on the inside at least! Musicians include Roman Fraser (violin) and Joshua Morris (cello).
Details to follow.

Venez célébrer avec nous notre retour à l’église – on a hâte! Malgré les travaux à l’extérieur, l’intimité, la chaleur et une merveilleuse ambiance nous attend à l’intérieur. Les musiciens : Roman Fraser (violon) et Joshua Morris (violoncelle) préparent un programme tout a fait extraordinaire !


Viva Musica!

SouthWest Music and the 2018 – 2019 season

Another year of wonderful music is upon us, and we are ready to begin preparations for all kinds of events – from regular Sundays to the traditional celebration of Christmas music, by way of special ‘Music Sundays.’

Interested in taking part in any way? Do you sing? Play the bagpipes? Wooden spoons? Free every third week? Let me know!

Easiest if you contact me directly ( but the church office can always forward messages as well.

See you soon!

Sarah and the Music Team


Musique Sud-ouest et la nouvelle saison 2018 – 2019

Oui on est prêt! Malgré le beau temps qui continue l’heure est venue de commencer nos préparations pour les célébrations de dimanche, les « dimanches en musique » et même Chantons Noël !

Vous aimez chanter? Vous jouez de la guitare ou la flûte à bec? Vous appréciez toutes styles de musique mais vos propres talents sont à découvrir? Il y a de la place pour tout le monde!

Vous pouvez me contacter directement ( ou en laissant un message au bureau de l’église.

J’ai hâte de vous voir!

Sarah + l’équipe de musique

Music Sunday - Pentecost May 20th/ Dimanche de Pentecôte, en musique!


Come join us for a celebration of spirit and song on this special day!

Steve Scales will knock your socks off in two songs by Thomas Dorsey, the Father of Gospel.

Arielle Soucy will be back to sing Purcell, an Irish folksong, and another hit from last fall, her beautiful La vie en rose.

We’re going to welcome a couple of young musicians (yes, a surprise!) that will make hymn singing a whole lot more fun.

Followed by coffee, tea and something sweet outside: it’s spring!

See you Sunday!

The SouthWest Music Team


Venez nous joindre pour une célébration en musique ce dimanche le 20 mai.

À l’écoute : Steve Scales interprètera deux chansons du « père de la musique gospel » Thomas

Dorsey (on dirait que cette musique est fait pour Steve…il faut vraiment l’entendre).

Arielle Soucy chantera du Purcell, une chanson folklorique irlandaise, et sa superbe La vie en rose d' Edith Piaf.

Deux jeunes musiciennes seront avec nous (soyez gentil!) pour nous aider à chanter nos cantiques avec encore plus d’expression…

À dimanche !

L’équipe musicale Sud-ouest


Jazz Vespers/ Vêpres de jazz @ Cedar Park

Nourish your soul through afternoon worship and jazz music. Cedar Park United presents a special Jazz Vespers on Sunday, May 27th at 4:30PM. With renowned jazz liturgist Brian Fraser, and the Simon Millerd Trio. Pay-what-you-can. 

Apaisez votre esprit pendant un après-midi de prière et de méditation accompagné de jazz merveilleux  avec Brian Fraser, liturgiste de jazz de renommé, et le trio Simon Millerd. Dimanche, 27 mai à 16H30 à l'Église Unie Cedar Park.

204 Lakeview, Pointe Claire South. 514-695-3337.

Family-Friendly Music Sunday

This Sunday: April 22 at 10 am at the Church.

Music with a smile for everyone!

This is the first Sunday Challenge as well: We invite you
to invite someone you know, who doesn’t usually (or ever!)
come to a Sunday Celebration at the church.
You can tempt them with:

Wonderful hospitality
Great music
Delicious cakes and cookies

All in the warm and friendly atmosphere of SouthWest, 1445 rue Clémenceau, Verdun.

See you Sunday!

The Music Team

A Musical Salon

You are invited to a Salon Night at the Southwest Mission in Verdun, 
Sunday, April 15 at 8pm. 

Enjoy well-loved pieces by Brahms, Strauss, and Wolf as well as new music by Charles Zoll and Patrick Walker. 

We are hoping to make this a recurring event, providing a venue for anyone interested in performing in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so come check it out, whether you like to listen or perform (or both!)  Looking forward to seeing you there!

Performers for this recital will be:  Carmina Franco, Sacha Gilles, Elizabeth LaCroix, Erica Jacobs-Perkins, Benjamin Stuchbery and Jonathan Stuchbery.

Sunday, April 15, 2018. Doors open 7:45 at 631 Melrose, ave., Verdun.
Donations gratefully accepted to support the work of the Mission.

Elizabeth LaCroix,
LaCroix Music Studio

Music and Soup/ la musique et la soupe

Southwest Music † Musique sud-ouest



MUSIC, with Arielle Soucy, our very own Steve Scales and the fabulous SouthWest Choir! Arielle has sung at the Church a few times now, and it’s a real treat. Rockin’ Steve needs no introduction! The choir is providing the soups for the Lenten Lunch after the service, so you’ll have lots to choose from.

This is also a SOUP DRIVE, so we’re asking you to come with tins, packets, and containers of soup to replenish the shelves at Manna Verdun and the Mission.

See you Sunday!



Un dimanche en MUSIQUE : la soprane Arielle Soucy, qui est déjà venu chanter à l’église à quelques reprises, notre chanteur « Soul » maison, Steve Scales, et le Chœur Sud-ouest. Restez après la célébration pour un bol de soupe, cuisiné par les membres du chœur !

Pour notre COLLECTE DE SOUPE, on vous demande d’apporter des contenants ou des paquets de soupe qu’on donnera par la suite à Manna Verdun et à la Mission.

À dimanche !

Sarah Fraser

News from SouthWest Music

Colds, flu, mountains of snow: we love the winter! If music at SouthWest has been lingering on the back burner of late, we’re all clearing our throats to heat things up a bit. Lent is a time for both quiet reflection and calls to action, and music can help unlock the keys to both.


 March 4: Soup Drive

You are invited to a simple lunch of homemade soup and bread downstairs after the service. You are also invited to bring along a few tins of soup, which will be collected.
Although all music is special, we will have a few guests for this service.
Details to follow.

March 18: Food for Thought

Once more, you are invited to share a simple meal of soup and bread after the service.
If it has been easier to sidestep issues concerning First Nations People in Canada in the past, it is no longer. This is a huge topic for discussion, but we’re going to make a start at our own round table after lunch.
Details to follow.

*Doug Hastie, Dennis Brown, Aline Sorel, Steve Scales, Darlene Halfyard,
Sarah Fraser.

The Candlelight Service at SouthWest

Once a year, the choir rallies around the preparation of what is our highlight of the season: The Candlelight Service, held one or two weeks before Christmas. Extra rehearsals are called, work schedules altered, and the weather predictions are examined very carefully. Twice, since I have been at SouthWest, the Candlelight Service has been cancelled because of snow storms – once moved to a modified Christmas Eve Service, and the other time postponed to Epiphany Sunday, a week after Christmas.
The choir has been large, it has been small. We’ve had children playing instruments for the Christmas carols, and we’ve had the kids from the Alleluia choir singing their Christmas songs.
Who will ever forget the Candlelight with bagpipes? With Donald in full Scottish dress, drum strapped to his middle, beating the entrance.
Or the year we had Stephany, Lexy and Georgia leading the service.
Three girls then, three young women now.
I was going through old photos this summer, and found a picture taken in the basement before the first Candlelight I was part of. In the centre: Linda Dixon standing beside Roman… and Roman was shorter! A slight ten-year-old then, he’s now six feet four and twenty-two years old, and he’s played his violin at every Candlelight since. Linda moved to Toronto last spring, but she’s coming in on the train today – for a visit with friends to be sure, but most of all to sing with the choir for the Candlelight.
Octavio will be back this year, and I don’t think anyone can really remember when he came for the first time. Arielle will return for her second Candlelight, though everyone was reminded of her beautiful voice on November 5, just a month ago. Justin, our resident tuba player will be back to sing, and Katherine – who usually has Percy strapped to her middle! –  will sing with us as well.
There are so many memories attached to this service, and so many more waiting to be added.
Come and join us for this year’s edition: December 17 at 4 pm.
Enjoy the music, feel the warmth of our welcome, and enter into the gentle spirit of Christmas.