What's cooking this week?

Dear friends of SouthWest Kitchens!

 What's cooking this week?

 TUESDAY, 5-6 pm

Easy Peasy Recipes: cooking workshop for the 10-12 yr-olds.

This week, we roll energy balls!

Contribution: $5


9-12:30 am

Community cooking workshop: a small group of volunteers cooks healthy foods that profit the community. This week, we make competition lasagna from scratch (yes, that includes the pasta) and lemon curd. Raise your hand up high to be part of the team!

 5-7 pm

Teen Cuisine: cooking workshop for teens 13+.

This week, we are lending a helpful hand to a group of anglophone teens in the preparation of a monthly school spaghetti supper. We are making the bread dough, the garlic butter and the dessert.

Contribution: $5


1-2:30 pm

GUSTO Project: cooking workshop for seniors 65+.

This project, presented by a team of researchers of Concordia University (amongst others), aims at helping seniors finding strategies to go on cooking despite physical limitations. During this first workshop of the serie, participants will familiarize with the kitchen and plan their menus for the coming weeks.

Free activity, registration needed!

 5:30-8:30 pm

One easy recipe at the time: cooking workshop presented by Un plant de tomate à la fois. Every week, we explore cooking with a seasonal ingredient. This week, we cook with leeks: flamiche picarde, a leek tart from North of France, poireaux-vinaigrette, a French brasserie classic, and lee--parmesan bites, another amazing recipe by our one and only Josée di Stasio.

Contribution: $5

Registration: plant.de.tomate@gmail.com


Want to join the fun? Need extra info?

Call me, or write to me!

 Léonore Pion

Community cook

Kitchen coordinator, SouthWest Mission

leonore.pion@gmail.com | 514 544-5264

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