New Resource person for Verdun families

Murielle Burham-Bella was a community worker with the Table de concertation Famille de Verdun. She was wonderful at  resourcing our Verdun families. She left her position this summer and is now replaced by Sandra Bustamante, Agente de milieu, who  attended  our last Wednesday’s Community Meal at the Mission. She attended the Halte Allaitment at SouthWest last Friday as well to connect Verdun Moms with various local services. 

Her principal work is as a resource to children between 0-5 years of age and their families. 

Give Sandra a warm welcome when you see her. 

Reach her at: or st 514 238-5144


Do you know about all the services available in Verdun?

Do you want to have fun with your kids?

Do you have questions about your child?

Does your family have specific needs? Are you looking for solutions?

I can direct you or accompany you to the community resources that are right for you.


Sandra Bustamante

Resource contact for families in Verdun

Table de concertation famille de Verdun


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