Spaghetti Night and Workshop for parents Nov. 2

Spaghetti Nights at Riverview Elementary are open to all parents in the community.

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 2nd, 5:30 - 8 pm, at Riverview Elementary. FREE with REGISTRATION: SUPPORTING YOUR CHILD IN SCHOOL: HOW DOES MINDFULNESS FIT IN? Dr. Zmira King, Psychologist What are the most effective ways you can help your child do better in school? As parents we are faced with many challenges and one such challenge is how to contribute to my child’s education. However, being involved or supportive does not have to be stressful and time consuming. In this workshop we will discuss some of the challenges and provide tips on the key things you can do to support your child in school. In addition, the workshop will address how parents can use mindfulness to reduce stress in the family.

What you will get at Spaghetti Nights:

· Hands-on workshops and discussions that send you and your children home with new ideas and concrete tools on how to succeed in school (6pm to 8pm)

· Free spaghetti dinner at each workshop (5:30 to 6pm)

· Free daycare

For more information please contact, Simone Viger, Community Learning Center Coordinator, at 514 761-4524, ext. 10360