CCS is Hiring

One of our partners, Collective Community Services, is hiring.

For over 85 years, CCS has served Montreal as a not-for-profit social agency and is one of the founding members of Centraide Montreal. CCS improves the quality of life of individuals by significantly reducing isolation and effectively supporting those living in poverty, primarily within the English speaking community of Greater Montreal. These include: • Children • Youth • Families
Position Vacancy
JOB TITLE:      Manager, Network and Community Social Health
Reports to:      CEO or assign
POSITION OBJECTIVES:  To manage and grow a network of community organisations,  and
coordinate and promote programs that benefit the social health ofEnglish
speaking communities.
1.  Grow and administer the existing network of Montreal community organisations,
conducting 4 conferences per year.
2.  Create detailed annual plans/ goals for this network development to justify $ allocations by
key funder.
3.  Deliver quarterly progress reports of actual activities with network compared to plan.
4.  Represent the network and gain awareness of community priorities at local municipal and
provincial interest group meetings.
5.  Conduct 3 annual events that promote English public access to government health services
6.  Coordinate campaigns on health promotion and disease prevention.
7.  Host 4 annual webinars (content delivered by subject matter experts) on health promotion.
8.  Conduct and report on opinion and satisfaction surveys among event participants.
WORK SCHEDULE:  Full time, 1 year renewable Contract with 5 year projection, Management role
Start Date:    27 October 2017
•  Bachelor degree in relevant area.
•  Experience in management, networking, planning and administration of community, special
needs or educational programs and events- with writing and fund application skills.
•  Familiarity with the Education and Health and Social Services systems in Quebec.
•  Valid driver’s licence and computer/social media proficiency
•  Bilingual
Interested applicants should forward their C.V. and letter of interest to,
by closing date of 13 October, 2017