In the kitchen this lovely November!

Dear kitchen friends,

My weekly newsletter has just become monthly : that’s less reading for you… and less writing for me, hahha !


You will find it attached. Or should I write : You will find THEM attached. In effect, there are two calendars (produced monthly by Verdun sans faim, the Verdun food security and urban agriculture concertation ‘table’, excuse my English) : the first lists all the community meals in the area, and the second, all the collective kitchen workshops, markets, and emergency food distributions. The one you want to look up for food related activities at the Mission is the second. You will find my email and phone number on the document, so if you want to register, you know where to find my contact info!

 THE Dream Team Cuisine

I am always looking for volunteers to give a hand in the kitchen. Every Wednesday morning, and every last Friday of the month, the Dream Team Cuisine (supervised by me) transforms food donations into appetizing dishes. These are either served during community meals (every second Wednesday) or frozen and offered at very low prices to the community. These food production sessions are a great experience for all: we learn as we cook, we make new friends, and go home with food for our family. You want to be part of the Dream Team ? Write to me ! I keep lists, so you can register a long time in advance.


As of Thursday, Nov. 2nd, Grand Potager will be replacing Un plant de tomate à la fois for the evening cooking workshops (5:30-8:30 pm). The concept : let’s get creative with whatever produce is available – and what’s available at the Mission is pretty impressive ! A professional chef – Tifany Hamer, Jocelyne Bourgeois and myself – will teach you how to upgrade your cooking game. You will go home with extra skills and food for you and your family.

More info on Grand Potager’s Facebook page : Le Grand Potager.
Contribution : $10.


The group Femmes du Monde, from Verdun’s Centre des femmes, is starting it’s collective kitchen session today, at 4:30 pm. Kids are welcome ! There will be someone to take care of them while the mums are in the kitchen. To participate, you need to be a member of the Centre des femmes (the membership is a couple of symbolic dollars) and… well, be a woman. Registration :

On Thursdays, a small group of gentlemen come and cook with the GUSTO project, a collective kitchen group for seniors 65+ under the supervision of an ergotherapist. There’re only four of them, but judging by their noise and energy, you would never guess ! Concordia University, who is behind GUSTO, is recruiting for the next session. For more info, phone here : 514 848-2424 # 2247


The cooking class for the 10-12 year-olds (Tuesday evenings) is full. The registration process for the next session, as of January, has started.

The class for the 13+ is not full however. Encourage your teen to join the fun ! This week, I will have the team work on a community project : Riverview’s monthly spaghetti dinner. We will be making tomato sauce (with and without meat), garlic butter, fresh bread and a cheesecake.

Have a great month!

Léonore Pion
Community cook
Kitchen coordinator, SouthWest Mission | 514 544-5264

Facebook : SouthWest Kitchens / Les cuisines du Sud-Ouest