Made with love and fresh ingredients

With so many cooking workshops going on throughout the week at SouthWest Mission, our community dépanneur (freezer) is stocked with yummy things. There’s a variety of soups, and ready-made meals that just need to be popped on a plate in the microwave or warmed up in a pot.

I have purchased several things to bring to my mum who lives alone and she really appreciates having something ready to eat that she didn’t have to cook! One day this week I lunched on chicken with caramelized onions and roasted vegetables which was prepared with the help of Lorenzo. Lorenzo came along one day to cook with his mum, and our chef Léonore says this 5-year-old showed a remarkable gift for cooking! Other items have been made by the TeenCuisine group and the Welcome Wednesday volunteers. Suggested prices are posted on the side of the freezer, and all profits come back to SouthWest. It’s all made with love and fresh ingredients and it’s waiting for you at the Mission.