Bonnie: a personal reminiscence

The following was written by Natalie Miron and read at the funeral for Bonnie Dobson last Sunday.

I met Bonnie when we were 16 years old and I don’t know how to find the words to adequately sum up 30 years of memories. We started out as friends, became family as in laws and remained sisters by choice.

Bonnie has an infectious laugh that started as a giggle and would quickly escalate to a roaring laugh and end off as an uncontrollable snort. She loved to dance. She would dance anywhere and every where. I have seen her dance in grocery store isles.

She made me laugh, she made me cry, she yelled at me to get up when I thought I couldn’t and held my hand when I was scared….she was there for every victory, every failure, every broken heart and every holiday of my adult life. Bonnie loved my children as if they were her own and was there when most of them came into the world. She was fiercely protective and incredibly proud of them.

I think the hardest part of her passing is what I have to learn. I have to learn to parent without her, to celebrate Christmas without her, to accomplish and to cry without calling her.

 I am deeply grateful that she was a part of my bridal party. A month ago she walked down the aisle as my oldest friend, she looked stunningly beautiful as she danced the night away. To have her having been a part of one of the best days of my life means everything to me.

Bonnie leaves a deep void in my life and my heart will forever hurt as I will miss her every day. I promise I will take care of her babies and Lisa as I know she would want me to.

Rest my friend, I love and miss you always.