In Memoriam: Ida Arhin

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Ida Ekua Arhin on November 21st 2017.

The following are Ida's words from January 1, 2017. A New Years Wish :

"Happy New Year everybody. I hope 2017 is going to be a great year for everyone but that being said everyone has to do his or her part! To make this year a great one for me, my plan and my hope is that I'll be able to listen more; listen instead of telling and also have more empathy on my fellow human beings because at the end of the day we all strive for the same things: happiness, joy, peace, success, and above all good health. To all my friends and family that's my plan; I don't have resolution I have a plan! Thank you."

Ida will be sadly missed by her children Abrefa, Quincy, and Justine; her brother Gerald and sister-in-law Stella, niece Mina and nephews Aaron and Gerald Jr.

We pray for Gerald and Stella who have been helping to care for Ida's kids. May they and the children feel the love and support from community at this time and throughout their lives.