Breakfast Literacy

In honour of International Literacy Day (Jan. 27) we had a team of volunteers come in this morning from RECLAIM literacy. Alphabet pancakes were on the menu!


Our Breakfast Club team was delighted with the gift of a new grill from RECLAIM Literacy (Joy Fyckes, Executive Director) and Literacy Quebec (Marg Legault, Executive Director)

Our Co-manager Sheila reports, "We now have 53  children  signed up with the Breakfast Club. On average we have 40 children per day who either walk or come by bus. The kids enjoy coming very much and are well fed with most coming back for seconds. Every Wednesday we have 2 volunteers from the company VORTEX in Pointe Claire which alternate from week to week. George O’Reilly and Sue Mooney volunteer every Monday and Friday, Kathy O’Halloran generally Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Frank DeMontigny every day. "

Sheila, Sue (Co-Managers), Joy Fyckes (RECLAIM), Austen (volunteer) Frank (volunteer) and kneeling, Marg Legault (Literacy Quebec)

Sheila, Sue (Co-Managers), Joy Fyckes (RECLAIM), Austen (volunteer) Frank (volunteer) and kneeling, Marg Legault (Literacy Quebec)

Frank is usually the first to arrive at the Mission in the morning and he is the one who clears the snow and/or ice making our entrance safe for kids and adults alike. Thank you Frank!

Sheila continues, "We always have fruit and yogurt for the kids and each day we serve something different such as grilled cheese, eggos, cereal, oatmeal, croissants, scrambled eggs and toast and pancakes and from time to time some surprises. The Breakfast Club gives the children a good start for a busy day."

At the end of Thursday's Literacy breakfast, each child received a loot bag from RECLAIM containing a box of alphabet Kraft Dinner, and a bag of Alpha-bits cereal, with the written message: "Breakfast time or dinner: when you practice reading you're a winner."