Harvest Party Recap

We do what it takes to create a safe, enjoyable gathering for for our community to celebrate season’s change through food. On September 26 SouthWest celebrated a Harvest Party with a sponsorship grant from AVIVA Insurance company. The Breakfast club team was on hand at 6:00am preparing to feed over 35 children at our Breakfast club with special guest Chewbacca of Star Wars greeting the children and staff! While over in the SouthWest kitchen, the kitchen teams were under the watchful eye of guest Chef Atena and SW Community chef Leonore preparing a Persian delight. Local Verdun musician Henry (AKA Bud Nice) serenaded the community with his guitar. Mini-Market coordinator Sheila and Mobile March Verdun Mobile Market coordinator Stefana supported the day with a bountiful harvest of mini-market fruits, vegetables and baking and of course Rev. David welcoming all to the table.!

Thank-you all for your help on that day and to new volunteer Francois for his technical support.

We are thankful for what we have and amazed at the potential of what we can do for ourselves and our community!