Church Notes


Clemenceau has been paved. Work crews finished paving in the dark Thursday night at 6:30pm Thank-you roving reporter Vernon for the update!!!

As the days grow shorter, as the nights become longer and colder, the heart knows that this begins a time of turning inward, a time of rest, a time to conserve energy for the new growth, the new life which will burst forward, once again, with the turning of the season to spring. 
- DLM Beryl.

This season lets look at our personal commitments and energy as a faith community. Set some time aside to reflect individually and collectively on the resources we have and how we might offer them to our faith community.  It is time when we think about how we will commit our time, experience, insight and financial resources towards our ministry and leadership .
- Darlene Chair of Council

The next women's circle will be on Sunday November 11 following fellowship at the church at around 11:30 . It will be led by Beryl. With Hope and Remembrance within the circle.

Thank-you for all those contributing to our soup lunch last week following our Welcome Back Musical Sunday $96.00 was raised for Breakfast Club. Thank-you clean-up crew/AKA worship team for coordinating the return to the sanctuary.