News from SouthWest Music

Colds, flu, mountains of snow: we love the winter! If music at SouthWest has been lingering on the back burner of late, we’re all clearing our throats to heat things up a bit. Lent is a time for both quiet reflection and calls to action, and music can help unlock the keys to both.


 March 4: Soup Drive

You are invited to a simple lunch of homemade soup and bread downstairs after the service. You are also invited to bring along a few tins of soup, which will be collected.
Although all music is special, we will have a few guests for this service.
Details to follow.

March 18: Food for Thought

Once more, you are invited to share a simple meal of soup and bread after the service.
If it has been easier to sidestep issues concerning First Nations People in Canada in the past, it is no longer. This is a huge topic for discussion, but we’re going to make a start at our own round table after lunch.
Details to follow.

*Doug Hastie, Dennis Brown, Aline Sorel, Steve Scales, Darlene Halfyard,
Sarah Fraser.