Wednesday Lunch Goes Weekly!

Starting the first week of March, our popular lunches, which have been offered every second Wednesday, will become a weekly event!

Our Welcome Wednesday schedule featuring lunch and a mini-market remains the same, but we are adding a lighter lunch on the alternate Wednesdays as well. The first of these light lunches, on March 7th, is special: it will be prepared by a group of 10 to 15-year-olds attending a March Break cooking camp at the Mission. They will be cooking under the supervision of chef cuisinière Léonore.

Lunch is served Wednesday at 12:30. Thank you for your donation to George, the piggybank.


The youngsters in the cooking camp will also prepare a British-style High Tea on Friday, March 9th. Tea, scones, cucumber sandwiches and other delicacies will be offered. 4PM. Also a voluntary contribution.

Hope to see you at SouthWest Mission, 631 Melrose in Verdun, corner Verdun ave.

P.S: A Blog post from January 5th shows the dates of Welcome Wednesdays featuring Mini-markets.