Harvest Montreal: Update


A few weeks ago (March 2nd) I mentioned Harvest/ Moisson Montreal in a Blog post. Recently, we received this letter acknowledging us as a partner in the battle against food insecurity on the Island of Montreal. We are grateful to Harvest Montreal for the nearly 3000 kilograms of food representing a value of nearly $20000 that we got from them in the fiscal year from April 2017 to March 2018.
We must also acknowledge the hard work of SouthWest staff and - mostly - volunteers - who make the trip to the warehouse to collect the food, load and unload the van, sort through the food when it gets to the Mission and quickly transform anything that would otherwise go bad. 
This partnership with Moisson Montreal allows us to operate a "Self-serve" fridge and pantry, to offer prepared foods at reasonable prices through our Community depanneur, as well as keeping costs down for our weekly Community meals and Meli-Melo.

Thank you!