Art Classes at St. Willibrord's

The following art classes are available for adults and children 10 years old and up, starting April 11th.

Drawing Classes

You will learn the basics techniques of drawing, through practical exercises with a creative expression. 

Pencils, charcoals, blood, inks, pastels, are presented like means making it possible to apply the principles of the plastic language namely, composition of a pictorial work by the game of the lines; geometric figures, volumes, shades and light and composition of still nature.

Other topics could be suggested in complement with the personal artistic approach of each student, in order to support the training and to enrich your creativity. (Material Not Included)


Painting Classes
Here, you will explore and learn to work with different art's plastic mediums like pastels, acrylics and ink applying basic techniques (glazing, strokes, blending, spattering, scratching etc) 

The workshop will be develop by  suggested topics: still life, landscapes, portraits, etc.
(Material not included). 


The dates for this session are: April 11 to June 13 2018

The schedule is the same: Wednesdays from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The costs remain the same too.

Inscriptions: $25 dollars (for the parish)

Classes-10 Weeks: $160

Contact: Lucia Diaz
Tel: 514-845-1602