5 à 7 for the English-speaking community


Rev. David is President of the Anglo Family Council (AFC), and this meet-and-greet on April 12th is a great way to get the word out about SouthWest as well as to learn about other English and bilingual organizations and services in the area. Refreshments will be provided by our SouthWest Kitchen Coordinator.



Please join the Anglo Family Council as we host a community 5 à 7 on Thursday, April 12th 2018 at the SouthWest Mission, 631 rue Melrose, Verdun.

The AFC envisions a healthy English speaking community, that is fully integrated into Quebec Society. As a public organization, we rely on local partnerships to improve community vitality, while sharing and disseminating information, ensuring the English speaking community can adequately access social health services.

On April 12th we look forward to meeting and reconnecting with valuable organizations and individuals in Verdun. Working and communicating together will ensure the best quality of services offered to local residents. Please bring along any information, pamphlets or brochures from your organization to share, as we will have an information table.

Please RSVP to jillianr@ccs-montreal to confirm your attendance. We look forward to seeing you then!