Minister's Message: Mother's Day 2018

Rev. David (right), his son Luke and mother Joy.

Rev. David (right), his son Luke and mother Joy.

Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 13th.

Mom and I are going to Boston for the May long weekend, a mini adventure. I am grateful to still have my 90-years-young mother, who is going to experience my garden this weekend, attend the Spring Fling at the Mission and be part of worship this Sunday.
My Grandmothers and Mom are relationships that taught me much about life and faith, they are a precious inheritance.
I found this prayer that blesses all mothers, including mine, and share it with you.
Rev. David

Gracious God,We thank you for adopting us into your family through the miracle of your grace, and for calling us to be brothers and sisters to each other.

Today, loving God, we pray for our mothers:
• who cared for us when we were helpless
• who comforted us when we were hurt
• whose love and care we often took for granted.

Today, mothering God, we pray for:
• those who are grieving the loss of their mother,
• those who never knew their biological mother, and now yearn for her
• those who have experienced the wonder of an adopted mother's love
• those mothers and families separated by war or conflict.
Lord, give them all a special blessing this Mother’s Day!