Invitation from our Muslim Neighbours

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan, during which most Muslims fast during daylight hours and break their fast with celebratory meals after dark, began on May 16th and continues through June 14th. Our Verdun Islamic Centre is inviting us into one of these celebrations during Ramadan. All are welcome. Let's live our diversity as community together. 
The food is provided but we can contribute desserts for this event.
Please circulate the  invitation below and ask people who wish to attend to confirm their presence by calling 438-936-3038

David Lefneski
President, Anglo Family Council
Minister & Community Leader


Invitation: Celebrate Iftar with us

Each year the Muslim community all over the world celebrates the month of Ramadan with spiritual activities that encourage people to exercise values in their lives and to apply it among themselves. What’s special about this month is that rituals are not performed by people alone, but  rather it brings people together to share good feelings. It brings to Muslims state of peace and love like your Christian Christmas. We gather at the main meal when we break the fast after sunset each day in Ramadan, and we make sure to share these happy hours with the ones we love and care for the most.

As a united community, as family and friends, it is our pleasure to invite you to our community dinner (Iftar) on Saturday, May 26th at 8:45 pm in the Islamic Centre of Verdun.

We hope that you would come to our Iftar, as your presence would add happiness and joy to the event and sharing together these occasions, that are originally a family gathering, would make us a real family.


Ayman Abouseada
Administrative coordinator
MAC-Islamic Center of Verdun
4538 rue de Verdun, H4G 3G3
Next to Metro station Verdun