Mini-market June 20th

Please join us June 20th for a celebratory Welcome Wednesday. What are we celebrating, you ask? How about everything we've been able to accomplish over the school year that's coming to an end?
We celebrate the time, energy and creativity that Sheila, Maurice, Mackie and others put into the Mini-market every two weeks. From ordering, to setting up and decorating (often on a seasonal theme) to keeping accounts, this has been a colossal task that could only have been accomplished by teamwork.
We celebrate the vision and initiative of our Kitchen Coordinator, Leonore, who guided teams of cooks, working with whatever ingredients were on hand, to produce tasty nutritious community lunches.  By bringing our kitchen up to MAPAQ standards, she was able to revive our partnership with Moisson Montreal, and to obtain meat and fresh produce as well as non-perishables, from them and other organizations. Wednesday lunch went from being every two weeks to every week, attracting a diverse and enthusiastic crowd.
We celebrate Frank, Kathy, Darlene, Lily and others, who have helped organize sales big and small over the year that bring in revenue and help us pay our rent at the Mission! 

As you have probably heard by now, the Mission is part of a renovation project at Verdun Elementary that begins the last week of June. as a result we will be shutting down from June 30th through July 15th, and will have to modify our activities for the rest of the summer. Wednesday's Mini-market will unfortunately be the last until August 1st. This week there will be books and knick-knacks for sale but they will also disappear after that, to return in August.
After June 20th, the formal lunches are suspended until the fall, but we will be having light salad meals outdoors every Wednesday through the summer.

We even celebrate the renovations because, despite any inconvenience, they will ultimately provide a more pleasant environment for us to continue working in. We embrace the challenges of the summer as we look ahead to all we will accomplish in the next school year!

Please click to download the price list for next Wednesday's Mini-market: