Breakfast Club delayed, Seeking Volunteers

The first day of school at Verdun Elementary and most of the Lester B. Pearson School Board is Wednesday, August 29th. We had hoped to have Breakfast Club in place from that first day as we usually do, but unfortunately, delays in the renovations will make it impossible to have children in the Mission that week. We are now expecting Breakfast Club to start one week later, (Sept. 5) with the possibility that it may be in the school rather than the Mission for a little bit. We will keep you posted as soon as plans are definite!

That said, we are still in preparation mode and accepting financial and food donations for the program, especially the following items:


frozen Eggo or other brand waffles
sliced orange cheese or blocks of white cheese
cream cheese
sliced sandwich bread
English muffins

In addition, Breakfast Club is seeking a few good volunteers for any day of the week. The gratification that comes from seeing children start their school day with a healthy breakfast is worth the early start time! If interested, please contact Shelia at or  Sue at