Back to School, Back to Breakfast


We have partnered with and supported Breakfast Club at Verdun Elementary School for 11 years.
The new school year is but a moment away - LOL - and Breakfast club needs donations of food. That's because the national program only provides food from about three weeks into the school year, but we always open our Club on the first day of classes (August 29th). 
Food donations needed: cereal, cream cheese, cheese slices, bread, juice, Eggo waffles. These can be brought to the Mission (please call first) or church on Sunday morning. Perhaps consider sponsoring a child or family for registration costs; or donating coloring books, games, etc. Or what about supporting our Mini-Market (next date is August 15th) by purchasing some fruits (at the lowest prices) and donating them back to Breakfast Club? 
If you have some time to offer, BC is looking for volunteers, particularly for Tuesday and Thursday mornings.


For more information contact Sue Purcell or Sheila Morrison,

If your child goes to VES and you want to take advantage of breakfast club, you can also get in touch with Sue or Sheila. Registration forms will be available the first day of school from 7:30 am. Breakfast Club takes place at the Mission, school entrance at 631 Melrose.