SouthWest and Emmanuel United Linked in Body, Mind and Spirit

SouthWest United and  Emmanuel United Church in Cowansville linked in Body, Mind and Spirit through Rev. David

This is it: SouthWest and Emmanuel United have officially been approved by Quebec Presbytery and are experiencing half-time ministry.

On Sunday September 16th, SouthWest was blessed to have former congregant, choir member, Verdunite and now licensed lay leader Beryl Barraclough leading worship (Beryl is currently at Kanesatake United in Oka). Bells and whistles were blown in Beryl’s honor as the school alarms rang unprovoked prior to worship but immediately stopped at 11:15 worship time! Beryl will continue to lead SouthWest in worship, with support from the worship team, the second Sunday of the month.

Beryl Barraclough

Beryl Barraclough

Meanwhile, Rev. David gave his first sermon on Sunday, September 16th as the minister for Emmanuel United Church in Cowansville. Louise Smith of EU wrote the following article that appeared in the Sherbrooke Record:

"After nearly a two year search, the Emmanuel United Congregation was very happy with the choice made. Rev. David has an easy going, gregarious style, that warms the heart and makes each person he speaks to feel special and connected to the collective spiritual entity that makes church a living experience.


Rev. David has been a minister in the SouthWest United Church in Verdun for twenty years. They are going to a half-time ministry and so Emmanuel was blessed to get an experienced minister to have as their half-time minister. Rev. David is fully bilingual, energetic, involved in community services, and he made a good impression during his first official Sunday. "