Church Notes

Is it me, or did anyone else find January loooooong?

Well, we’re into February now, and it’s a short month, so it should fly by, right? Don’t forget to go to Bingo tomorrow in the church basement. There’s some snow in the morning forecast but temperature-wise, things are going to be a little better over the weekend.


As you know, Saturday, February 2nd is Groundhog Day. This little fella’s praying for sunny skies and cleared streets by Sunday!

There’s a special guest and worship leader for this Sunday’s service: musician and lay minister Stewart Burrows.

Next Week:

The Board of Stewards are finally meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 6th at the church, 1:30PM. Welcome back to Vernon Turner who has just about shaken the pneumonia.

Sunday Feb 10 will be a Soup Sunday and “treat drive” for Manna. Looking for donations of pre-packaged dessert items, especially for Valentine’s Day. 

Looking ahead: Rev. David is back in action Sunday, February 17.
SouthWest Council meets Tuesday February 19, 6:30 at the church. 

The following comes to us from our friend Liz Colford:

Recherche d'emploi de rêve / looking for a dream job
français suivra

Greetings friends and colleagues,

I'm writing to ask for your help in my search for new opportunities. As many of you know, a few years ago I made a big career shift and went to cabinetmaking school. Then I went and got a job in a doors and windows company. But I always knew that I wanted to bring those skills back into an educational context. I'm looking for opportunities to lead woodworking workshops, or to be a technician in a school or museum wood shop.  

So if you hear of anything bringing together woodworking and education, please think of me and let me know. This isn't an urgent request so even if you see something in 6 months, I'd still like to know about it. Thank you so much for thinking of me!

Salut ami.e.s et collègues,

Je vous approche en demandant un coup de main dans ma recherche de nouvelles opportunité de carrière. Comme en sachent beaucoup parmi vous, il y a quelques années que j'ai fait une grande transition en allant à l'école de l'ébénisterie. Et par la suite je suis allé travailler dans un atelier de portes et fenêtres. Mais je savait dès le début de cette transition que j'allais retourner en éducation avec ces nouvelles habiletés à partager. Je cherche maintenant des postes d'animer les ateliers en bois ou des postes de technicien dans un atelier de bois d'une école ou un musée. 

Je vous demande si jamais vous entendez des postes en lien avec le bois et l'éducation de s'il vous plait me partager ces infos. Ceci n'est pas une recherche urgente alors même si vous voyez de quoi en 6 mois, j'aimerai savoir. Merci de penser à moi et je vous souhaite une magnifique 2019 plein de rêves qui se réalisent!