A Message From SouthWest Council

 March 8, 2019


Dear Church Family and Friends,

 For the past twenty years, God has blessed our efforts, ministry and minister here at SouthWest.

 It is with sadness and regret that we announce that Rev. David has decided that it is time to leave SouthWest United Church and Mission at the end of May 2019 and to continue his Ministry in Cowansville.

 There is no doubt that losing Rev. David will be a time of upheaval for our faith community. It will be a time of bittersweet sorrow but let us rejoice with Rev. David as he moves into another area of life and ministry. We will continue to hold him in our hearts and uphold him in prayer as well.

 The period of transition and change will be a time of reassessment and the setting of new directions.

 We look forward to an enriching and productive time as our congregation embarks on this next phase of its journey. This is an important and exciting time in the history of this congregation we call SouthWest.



Darlene Halfyard, Chair of Council

Dennis Brown, Secretary and Clerk of Session.