Mission memories

As the Mission winds down its activities over the next months, many of us are saddened, but also looking back on the last 12 years with fondness. If the Mission has been a part of your life at any point, we would love to hear from you. You might consider the following questions:

How has SouthWest Mission touched community?
How has it changed your life?
Is there a memory you would like to share?

Send you thoughts by e-mail to southwestunited@gmail.com, or drop off a note during office hours. Rev. David is usually around Tuesdays and Wednesdays if you’d like to say goodbye.

Feeling shy about putting pen to paper? Maybe these words, from Ann Duhamel, will inspire you:

“After reading about the coming closing of the Southwest Mission I felt I had to share my experience with volunteering there. When the church on Woodland was sold and the decision made to open the mission- Sylvia Brighten asked me if I would like to volunteer there- of course I said yes. I helped to set-up rummage sales - packed hundreds of Christmas boxes- cooked and served at the post Christmas Dinner on Dec.26 and eventually took over the making of the lunch at Wednesday service. I loved every minute of it and met some of the most wonderful people I have ever known. The ladies I am about to mention are all gone now - but they left behind some great memories for me. Sylvia Brighten - Fran Walsh- Jean Lodge- Anne Towill a special group of ladies - so loving and kind. And of course who could forget Ed Chaffey - a little gruff at times but always with the best of intentions.
I worked with Kathy making lunches for the school children - another great experience. I must say despite some glitches along the way it was a most valuable and rewarding experience. I am thankful that I was fortunate enough to be given this opportunity.”

The following comes from Mary Anne Fyckes, Spiritual Life and Community Animator, LBPSB

“SouthWest Mission has served community by making and solidifying ties that did not exist before.
1) introducing our local Islamic community to Remembrance Day and its relevance to Canadian life.
2) Connecting our three Verdun schools with services such as clothing room shared by all our families
3) making sure basic needs are met within families, such as food, clothing, and assistance with funeral, baptism and marriage for families with no connection to any faith.”