Mini-Market and Baked Goods

Tuesday, May 7th is the first Mini-Market to be held at Dawson. The list of produce that will be available is below. In addition, Sheila sends this message:

For those of you who have enjoyed my pies, cakes etc at the Southwest Mission I will still be baking but upon request only. If you would like some “goodies” please do not hesitate to send me an email at Thanks for all your support while we were at the Mission!

SouthWest wishes all the best to the Mini-market and Community lunch teams as they continue serving community in their new location.

Mini-market Tuesday, May 7, 2019

PRODUCE                                 EACH                LB.                KG


CHEF WHITE POTATOES                                .44 LB           .97 KG

COLOSSAL CARROTS                                    .68 LB          1.50 KG

SPANISH ONIONS                                           .60 LB          1.31 KG

TOMATO VINE RED                                       2.05 LB          4.51 KG

APPLES (SMALL)                                              TBA

BANANAS, TURBANA                                     .54 LB.         1.18 KG

RED MED GRAPES                                         2.28 LB         5.03 KG

CLEMENTINES                                                1.30 LB         2.86 KG


MIXED PEPPERS  #2                                      1.80 LB         3.96 KG

WHITE MUSHROOMS                                    2.70 LB        5.95 KG