Verdun Beach: City explains when swimming is allowed, and not

Have you visited Verdun’s new urban beach yet? Are you worried you’ll go and be prevented from swimming because of poor water quality? On the borough of Verdun page of the City of Montreal website, there is a French text explaining the protocol for allowing swimming or not on any given day. More importantly, it gives a phone number to call to find out if you’ll be allowed in the water if you go to the beach located behind the Verdun Auditorium.

That information line is: 514 280-0789. A bilingual message tells you if swimming is permitted on the day of the call. Also, if you’re passing by, a red flag will be flown on the beach on days when swimming is not permitted. A lifeguard stays on site to inform people that it’s not safe to swim.

The borough wants citizens to know that the beach itself is open every day from 10am to 7pm, even if some days you can’t go in the water. The main culprit behind bad water quality is heavy rain. Swimming may be forbidden during a downpour and even for several days after, especially if storm drains overflow. The water quality is tested twice a day. Again, your best bet is to call the info line: 514 280-0789.