Performers in our Midst

Curious about the theatre group that has been using our space to rehearse these last weeks? Here’s what we can tell you: It’s a young company called Just Right Productions, and the musical they are preparing is called Firebringer. It will be performed August 15 to 18th at Mainline Theatre, located at 3997 Saint Laurent boulevard, in the Plateau. The show was originally produced by Starkid in Chicago in 2016, so it’s a very new musical. This is not just the Montreal premiere but the Canadian premiere of the show!

A brief synopsis, provided by the company, is as follows: “Firebringer is a musical comedy about a tribe of cavepeople. They are led by the almighty Jemilla. When the tribe dreamer, Zazzalil introduces them to fire, everything changes. This show is lighthearted and hilarious but also deals with status and power and the privilege (and responsibility) that comes with it along with the issues it creates. “

The three founders of Just Right productions, and producers of this show, Callan Forrester, Alicia Magliocco, and Lucas Amato, met while working on shows with WISTA (West Island Student Theatre Association), a company that has received lots of praise for its full-scale productions, most recently the musical version of 9 to 5.

Firebringer is directed by Mathieu Roy. The cast includes Callan Forrester, Alicia Magliocco, Robin Kravitz, Joel Bernstein, Kaysey Ayoola, Emily Brayton, Kyle Tannahill, Lucas Amato, Camila Fitzgibbon, Julianna Astorino and Nour Malek.

Visit and Like Just Right Productions on Facebook for more information.

Firebringer poster.JPG