We hold in prayer the families of Audrey Wratten (1935-2019) and Jane Gangin (1923-2019).

Pastor Beryl led a celebration of Audrey’s life at Urgel Bourgie (Feron’s) in LaSalle on Thursday, August 1st. Interment will be on August 8th at the Field of Honour in Pointe Claire. Audrey’s three children were baptized in Verdun United churches and her daughter Kim was married by Rev. Nerny, who also baptized her children.

Pastor Beryl will preside at the interment of Jane Gangin, mother of Carolyn Grant, this Saturday, August 3rd at Mount Royal Cemetery. Carolyn attends SouthWest United and is related by marriage to Helen Pantridge.

In darkness, there is light,
in sadness, there is hope,
In death there is light, and love, and life everlasting.