Beryl's Blog: The Most Wonderful Time

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

That T.V. commercial is filling the air again.  It is back to school time.

Most children have had their fill of summer.  They have played with their friends, filled their days with swimming and bike riding, soccer, tennis and family vacations close to home and even abroad. They are suntanned, healthy and well fed. But, even though most of them would not admit it, they are bored and ready for something new. 

For other children, going back to school is a blessing.  They have missed the breakfast and lunch programs which sustained them from September to June.  They have been left to care for and amuse themselves while parents have been working or just not home.  There has been little structure and little joy in their summer time.  Returning to school will bring some sort of stability back into their lives.

As we think about the children who will be boarding buses, riding bikes or walking to their places of education, I would invite each of us to hold them in spirit and pray for their safety throughout the months to come.

Creator God,

Bless all students as they begin another year of school.

Give them peace when they feel nervous, focus when they feel distracted and energy when they feel tired.

Open their minds to the lessons they will need to learn, both in and outside the classroom.

Help them make friends that build one another up, and be a friend to those who need someone to stand with them.

Guide them in making good choices as they grow in wisdom and maturity.

Be ever present with them in the classroom, on the school bus, on the playground and at home.

And, bless them with teachers who fill the classroom with an atmosphere of care and mutual respect. 

Empower administrators and teachers to react with patience and understanding towards all students as they help grow pupils in both knowledge and character.

Help parents encourage their children and understand the challenges and fear of failure that can come with each new year.

Help them have realistic expectations for their sons and daughters that are neither unreachable nor unchallenging.

May they know and feel your loving care in all they do.  Amen.