Meeting this Sunday: Bring ideas, bring friends!

Following this Sunday’s service (August 25) there will be a meeting to propose ideas for SouthWest as we move forward into a new era. All are welcome, especially those who have a little time and energy to contribute.

Are there events or projects you would like to see happen at SouthWest? Are you part of a group that might like to use our space occasionally or on a recurring basis? We would like to hear from you.

We also invite you to contact anyone and everyone who might possibly be interested in being part of any new initiatives. From use of the church building by young musical troupes to basement poker games, it's all on the table!

The meeting will follow this simple agenda:

1.Words of welcome (Beryl)

2. Revamping old traditions (Dorothy)

3. Throwing open the doors (Sarah)

4. Worship details (small group / worship committee)