Brainstorming and Traditions

A “brainstorming” meeting, held after service last Sunday, was productive, if a little chaotic.

We are all still getting our bearings after the many changes of the last year. The challenge for us as a congregation is to acknowledge our limited resources, but to move ahead where we can, and dream of the future.

Our church building is being used more than it has in years, thanks in part to the efforts of our Music director, Sarah. Music schools like to rent our sanctuary for recitals because it has such beautiful acoustics. Sarah also brought in the young theatre group that was rehearsing in the hall on Tuesday nights. Their show went on in August so they are gone for now. Verdun-Lasalle Baptist church uses our building on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings, and we have a number of upcoming bookings for private events. There are still blocks of time available throughout the week though, for social groups, classes etc. Call the office for information.

The meeting last Sunday was also to plan events from now to Christmas. Dorothy Brown, our Kitchen coordinator, made it clear that we do not have the volunteer power to do everything we used to, but stressed the importance of continuing some traditions. What came out of the meeting was a decision to hold a Harvest Supper on November 16th, and a Holly Tea on November 30th. The latter is to include a Silent Auction.

In terms of services, it was determined that they would be held every Sunday for the rest of the year, including the one between Christmas and New Year’s, which will be lay-led. There will be a service Christmas Eve, and the annual Candlelight Carol service will be on Sunday, December 15th at 4PM.

The possibility of once again starting a Sunday school was discussed. The upside of that is the possibility of bringing in and holding on to young families; the downside is you have to have someone willing to lead the Sunday school program, preferably on a volunteer basis. More discussions are needed to determine if this is something we will go ahead with.

Many people signed up to help with the November events. We would ask all of you to think about how specifically you would be able to contribute, and then get in touch with Dorothy Brown. If you don’t know how to reach Dorothy, call the office and we will put you in touch.

Thanks again to everyone who attended the meeting, and brought ideas. If we can’t do your idea this month, or even this year, please don’t despair. Hopefully we are laying foundations now that can be built on in the coming years.