Breakfast Club needs a stove

Having our office and Mission located in Verdun Elementary School for twelve years, we formed ties with the staff and students there, ties that remain even though we are no longer a daily presence. Our commitment to VES can be seen in the School Supplies drive undertaken this August.

The Breakfast Club program at VES was always a partnership between the school and the Mission, and we are happy that it will continue in the space. Although we are no longer there, feeding schoolchildren is still a cause the SWU congregation feels strongly about. We will continue to support the Breakfast Club as we are able.

That said, we’ve been informed that one of the two stoves the Breakfast Club uses is kaput! They are looking for a donation of a second-hand stove in working order, preferably with delivery, but that can be discussed. Their wish list also includes new or next-to-new cookie sheets.

If you or someone you know is getting rid of an old stove, please get in touch with the SouthWest office. 514 768-6231.

Thank you.