Beryl's Blog: The Storms of Life

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Our third Sunday in the Season of Creation is Storm Sunday.  Again, to quote from Seasons of the Spirit:

“In ancient times people of most cultures, not understand­ing the intricate workings of things such as weather or health, tended to see God at work in all of it. If someone got sick, it was punishment from God for something. If there was “bad” weather (which could be almost anything), it was seen again as God’s punishment. Nowadays, many of us tend to be reluctant to do that, for we can more readily under­stand the logic behind air pressure, or bacteria, or the other factors that so easily influence the weather and our health. One might even wonder, who needs faith? Except that faith doesn’t really have any connection to such things, other than the solid awareness that God is with us, no matter what.”

Our reading this Sunday is from the Gospel of Luke (8:22–25). A storm suddenly appears and the disciples are filled with terror as the boat begins to take on water.  Meanwhile, Jesus sleeps peacefully and, on awakening, cannot understand what all the fuss is about!  Jesus asks his disciples “where is your faith?”

In life, storms happen.  Faith, more faith, better faith, stronger faith, the right kind of faith do not eliminate the storms of our lives. 

Faith does not change the storm.  Faith changes us.

Faith does not take us around the storm, but through the storm.

Faith allows us to see and know that we are not alone.

Faith is what allows us to be still, to be peaceful, in the midst of the storm.

What is faith to you?

Join us on Sunday to hear the story and see that even the disciples, Jesus’ closest friends and followers, struggled with faith and doubt.

We are indeed in good company as we journey together, in faith!