Beryl's Blog: Cosmos Sunday

September 29th marks the fourth Sunday in the Season of Creation – Cosmos Sunday.

What, you ask, is the cosmos?  According to Wikipedia, The cosmos is the universe. Using the word cosmos rather than the word universe implies viewing the universe as a complex and orderly system or entity; the opposite of chaos. The cosmos, and our understanding of the reasons for its existence and significance, are studied in cosmology – a very broad discipline covering any scientific, religious, or philosophical contemplation of the cosmos and its nature, or reasons for existing. Religious and philosophical approaches may include in their concepts of the cosmos various spiritual entities or other matters deemed to exist outside our physical universe.

Another way of saying this is “The cosmos is the sum total of everything”.

Seasons of the Spirit makes the point that to have a Sunday set aside for recognizing God’s presence in the cosmos may seem a bit redundant. After all, isn’t God everywhere? Yet too often we want to confine God to simple places, to place God in a box, or leave God in a church building, or assume that God is only present on mountaintops.

Cosmos Sunday invites us to stretch our under­standings beyond the wildest of imaginings, and find God present in the tiniest insect and the greatest of mountains, and all things in between.

God, Creator of the cosmos, all your creation seeks to praise you.

From the highest heavens, through the depths of the oceans,

and all in between we recognize that you, our Creator,

are the source of all goodness and hope.

Scripture calls all creation to praise you,

and we pause to recognize the amazing power of a tree,

a mountain, women and men, old and young, all singing your praises.

Hear us, loving God: You are good. Amen.

Seasons of The Spirit, Pentecost 2, 2019


Please join us for worship this Cosmos Sunday!