Beryl's Blog: The Wonders of Creation

This coming Sunday, September 8th, we will begin the Seasons of Creation in our worship cycle and, over the next four Sundays, we will celebrate Creator’s wondrous gifts to us.

Our first Sunday in Creation is Ocean Sunday and hereunder I share with you a quote from Seasons of the Spirit, a United Church worship resource.

“The vastness of the ocean is the stuff of poets and paint­ers; it is a reality, too. The five oceans of our planet cover over 70% of the surface. Waves pound relent­lessly on shores of every continent as if the land were a mere interruption of the ebb and flow of the water. The oceans are a source of life for all things; the smallest (plankton) and lar­gest (whales) creatures in the world live there. The fascina­tion that humans have with the ocean perhaps mirrors the fascination with the Creator: a sense of familiarity with a few aspects, a brief encounter here and there; enough to know that there is far more we may never grasp or understand”.

As we become more consciously aware of the damage humanity is causing to this wonderful world and as we see more and more images of the plastic and waste which is being dumped into our oceans, jeopardizing its very existence and harming and killing God’s creatures, I am reminded of these words from Psalm 95:5-6 

The sea that he made belongs to him, along with the dry land that his hands formed. Come! Let us worship and bow down; let us kneel in the presence of the Lord, who made us.

 Please join us for worship this Sunday.  Creation needs you!