Saying "I do" on a hospital ward

Jerry Champagne and Michelle Cormier were married at the new Royal Victoria Hospital (MUHC) Saturday October 21st 2017 by Rev. David in a ceremony that attracted local media and national attention.

'I love him and I almost lost him': Montreal couple ties the knot in hospital after lifesaving surgery

Five weeks ago Gerry Champagne's heart was failing — now he's a newlywed

Five weeks ago, Gerry Champagne was on the brink of death.

His heart was failing and his girlfriend Michelle Cormier was getting ready to say goodbye.

But a groundbreaking medical procedure — the first of its kind in Canada — helped buy Champagne the time he needs until he can get a heart transplant. 

The couple was so relieved, they decided to get married in the hospital. 

Source: CBC