We Remember Them

At our All Saints memorial service on October 29th, the following names were read:

Sylvia Chaffey Brighten
Robert Burke
Vera  Cartwright

Gloria Cooney
Madeleine Couture
Shirley & James Crandall

Richard Decary
Merle Ross Demoulin
Robert  Bob Dixon

Mildred Halfyard
William Halfyard & Joyce O’Reilly Halfyard
The Halfyard and O’Reilly families

Muriel Hastie
Carol Henderson Haworth
Margaret (French) Irwin

Ernest Lefneski
Rebecca Lefneski
Ruth Lefneski

Joe Lefneski
Jean  Lodge
Agnes Logan

Loved Ones of the Christe family
Loved Ones of Judy Pepe
Ann Lowell

Charles Luther
Shirley Brooks MacKenzie
Isabella McGowan

Gordon McLaren
Scott McRae
Marlène Mirey

Robert Charles Nicoll
Judy Ann O’Connell
Denise O’Halloran

Pantridge and Simmons families
John Arthur Parsons
Ernest Price

Denise Detrooz Ralet
Frederick Ralet
Gertrude Risken

Marilyn Ross
Myrtle Ryan
George and May Scales

Reginald and Alice Sorel
Therese Auclair St. James & Stuart St. James
Phyllis Spurrell Tringle

Royah Launtia Tucker-Ricketts
Shirley Rankin Turner
Graham Walker

Kathleen (McCleary) Walker
John and Edith Waterfall
Wayland, Forsyth & Padgham families

Lorna Wood


O God before whom the generations rise and pass away;

we praise you for all your servants who, having lived this life in faith, now live eternally with you.  Especially we thank you for these your servants, now gone from us.

We praise you for the gift of their lives, for all in them that was kind and good. We thank you that for them death is past and pain is ended, and that they have entered the joy you have prepared, in your eternal love. Amen.