Community Promises

As water will be poured Sunday on Simone Béatrice Gabrielle Major we will add our promises to those of God's Grace and Unconditional Love! 

Son père, Jean-François, sa mère, Geneviève, sa grande soeur Marie-Rose, sa marraine (et grand-mère), Ginette, son parrain (et Oncle), Guillaume, et la communauté SouthWest vont crier à haute voix: 

Bienvenue dans la Famille Chrétienne! Welcome to the Christian Family! 

Husking corn on Saturday morning so that we can be ready to feed those coming to Community Celebration Sunday (we call it Meet ‘n’ Mix/ Méli-mélo) is also about our promises. (See the invitation further down) It symbolizes that what we say at the baptismal font needs follow-up in practical hospitality. 

Promises are lived out in the everyday with concrete actions flavouring relationships: As we welcome all into the circle, As we swap clothes Sunday, As we sing together with joy, As we pour water on Simone...

Here's a prayer that can be sung during our actions as keepers of promises:

Draw the circle wide.

Draw it wider still.

Let this be our song, no one stands alone,

Standing side by side,

Draw the circle wide. 

(More Voices 145, Gordon Light)

Traçons un grand cercle.

Traçons le plus grand.

C’est notre seul chant,

Nul n’est solitaire,

Debout solidaires,

Traçons un grand cercle.


As community living out promises we shout: Alléluia!!


Rev. David