From the Kitchen

Baking supplies

Certain pantry staples we use a lot of at the Mission: flour, sugar, oil, oats, etc. Because we know there will be no waste, we are able to buy them in bulk, which makes them considerably cheaper. One kilo of flour costs us as little as $1. A pretty good deal, right?

We would like you to make the most of these special prices too!

You can now pre-order flour and sugar (organic cane sugar, better for your body than the usual refined white sugar) at the same time as fresh fruit and veg from mini-market: check out the order sheet!

What other items could the Mission supply? Fresh yeast, baking powder, corn starch? Tell us, and we will try and source those products for you at the lowest possible price.

 Dishcloths wanted!

More and more kitchen activities are going on at the Mission, and we often run low on clean dishcloths and rags. If you have any at home you don't use, we would be happy to provide them with an opportunity to serve the community: we will gracefully accept your donation :)

Also needed are small Mason jars (125 ml to 500 ml), and the lids to go with them.