A community is the people in it

We are blessed with volunteers and donations from near and far, often from folks who are not visible at church or Mission but still feel they are part of us. They offer their time, talents and prayers that help to warm the hearts of others who need uplifting and feel the warmth ourselves with gratitude and a smile.  Thank-you Rita and Danny for your gifts of hand-knitted prayer shawls; Mark for your muscles, time and truck....and others.

On a hot Sunday, September 24th, Meet n Mix/ Meli Melo (formerly known as Messy Church) was all that but in a somewhat orderly way!!! We celebrated and shared as a community led by Judith and Jacques and Rev. David.

Sandra and Sue and their packing team swept the clothing room and coordinated a clothing swap. Several folks and families benefited from swapping and shopping and spicing up their wardrobe for the season(s) ahead.

Kitchen crew served up a delicious chicken casserole, macaroni salad, apple tart, cookies and of course corn on the cob. Thank you to Dennis, Dorothy, Shirley Mc, Maurice, Sheila, Frank, Kathy, Shirley M, Rev. David for taking time on Saturday morning to shuck corn.

Baby Lucilla Faith Netta Pion was welcomed for the first time at the Mission on Sunday with an impromptu baby shower. Lucilla is the daughter of Frances and Brian. Little sister to Alexis, Alex and Skyler.