Hymn Book Dedications

We are entering the season of remembering. This Sunday at church, we will dedicate over 40 large print More Voices hymnbooks paid for by individuals in memory of loved ones. Thank you to those who responded so generously to the call:

-      Mary Krul, in memory of her husband Stanley

-      Shirley Mitchell in memory of loved ones

-      Shirley McGowan, Brenda and Brandon, Linda, Allison and Adam, in memory of Mother and Grandmother Isabella McGowan

-      Lil Jones in memory of loved ones

-      Vernon Turner and family in memory of Shirley Turner

-      Doug and Francine Hastie in memory of his mother Peggy Hastie

-      Alex (Sandy) MacKenzie and family in memory of Shirley MacKenzie*

-      Joyce Crandall in memory of her parents Shirley and James Crandall

-      Shirley Stark in memory of Shirley MacKenzie

-      Judy Pepe in memory of loved ones

-      Catherine Cater, to a loved one


*Hymn books from the MacKenzie family will be dedicated during the service in two weeks, on Sunday Oct. 15th