Maybe it`s the colder weather and extra blanket on my bed.

Maybe it`s the abundance of harvest in field and garden.

Maybe it`s the return to school and the end of summer.

Maybe it`s the feeling alive each precious morning

Maybe it's the loneliness and pain of many around me.

Maybe I simply choose thanksgiving over anger and scarcity, over bitterness and dismay.

I give thanks, and say this doxology of praise:


For food in a world where many walk in hunger;

for faith in a world where many walk in fear;

for friends in a world where many walk alone,

we give you humble thanks, O Lord.

(VU 551, Anonymous words)

Tu nous rassasies alors que beaucoup ont faim ;

nous tiens en la foi pour combattre les peurs ;

tu mets des amis, précieux, sur nos chemins ;

Dieu, merci du fond de nos cœurs.

(trad. David Fines, 2006)


Rev. David