News from SouthWest Kitchen

It has been a productive week in the kitchen.

From last Friday's trip to Moisson Montréal Frank and I brought back what felt like tons of peaches and blackberries. There's been a lot of simmering going on in the kitchen, and unsurprisingly there are now plenty of jars of blackberry jam and poached peaches available at our 'dépanneur'!

Also made this week: creamy (yet creamless) celery soup, $4 per liter

Meat and tomato sauce, $6 per liter

We do our best to offer members of the community good quality foods at affordable prices. Good Food Family has a great supply of frozen meats and fruits, eggs, cheese and other items. From our kitchen supplies, we can offer cheap flour and sugar---that's the magic of bulk-buying! Ask us, and we will prepare a bag for you.

Unbleached flour: $1 per kilo

Organic cane sugar: $2.50 per kilo

Do you have dishtowels you don't use?

Consider giving them a second life in our kitchen: as cooking activities are multiplying at the Mission, we need more and more.

We are also looking for the rings that go over the snap lids on Mason jars---you cannot purchase them on their own!

Léonore, Kitchen Coordinator