Spring Youth Forum in Sherbrooke


What is Youth Forum?
It is a weekend retreat for high school and CEGEP youth organized by folks from the United Church of Canada (Quebec Presbytery). It is planned by youth, for youth. It has been going on in this region for more than 40 years!

What will we do there?
At Youth Forum you will play games, eat yummy food, make music, learn new things, meet new people, participate in Worship, explore and deepen spirituality and faith. Youth Forum is hard to explain, it is best lived!

Why should I go? I don't go to Church...
Everyone is welcome at Youth Forum. It is organized by a Protestant, Christian Church, however people of all faiths or no faith are always welcome. This is not an event to convert folks, but to explore meaningful relationships and new ideas. We are an open-minded and diverse community. 

The Theme of the upcoming Youth Forum in Sherbrooke in April is Healthy Relations. We will focus on a number of important topics facing our world and our youth today: navigating the tricky territory of relationships, sex, self esteem and consent. In the wake of #metoo it seems more relevant than ever to talk about healthy boundaries and how to create positive and loving friendships and romances. We will also explore how our ideas of sex and relationships have been shaped and affected by the Bible and modern religious culture. By creating a comfortable open and safe space to talk about these big issues, in the company of peers and role models, we can explore trickier topics. Adult leaders have experience working with youth and are all police-checked.

This event costs 50$ - but please do not let that be a barrier, if you cannot afford the registration cost, just speak to Shannna and we can organize a solution.

Cet événement passera principalement en anglais, mais les francophones sont toujours les bienvenus, la plupart des participants sont bilingues et la traduction peut être arrangée.

When: April 13-15, 2018

Église Unie Plymouth Trinity United Church
380 Dufferin, Sherbrooke, Quebec J1H 4M7

Contact Shanna Bernier for more info  - shanna.bernier@gmail.com