Minister's Message: Thanks to Harvest Montreal

I wrote a thanks this week to Geverny Hajjar and the team at Harvest Montreal/ Moisson Montréal. Geverny coordinates our monthly pickup of donated food items. We benefit from partnership with this organisation that recovers many tons of food from across Montréal that would normally find its way into a garbage dump. Each month Darlene lends the 'Silver Bullet' to Frank and Léonore who load it to the brim with meat, non-perishable foods and fresh produce. I wrote a thank-you specifically because I saw many ways these donations touched individuals, groups and our community meals.

Kitchen Dream Team Welcome Wednesday

Kitchen Dream Team Welcome Wednesday

Since the food donations were brought back last Friday this is in part what I observed:

- Children of Breakfast Club loved the ham that was served one morning! 
- Community Celebration/Méli-mélo had an abundance of food prepared by our kitchen co-ordinator and the dream team in the kitchen. The grapes and tortilla chips were a hit.
- some food baskets were delivered to seniors.
- the 'Libre Frigo' was well stocked and many families enjoyed the bread and fresh produce.
- the lemons, sausages and brussels sprouts were being transformed into tasty elements of the upcoming Welcome Wednesday meal.

Wonderful sights and sounds!! 

I wrote: « Veuillez donner ce mot de gratitude à toute l’équipe de Moisson Montréal en notre nom. Merci! »

I remember the story of the child who shared his lunch with Jesus who then blessed it to nourish thousands (John 6:1-14). Generous giving should always be appreciated and a word of thanks in in order, to donors of all kinds and in varying quantities. "Thank-you" keeps the blessing moving along.

I want to gratefully acknowledge :
- a recent gift from the Teen Haven Foundation, Verdun.
- our local Legion # 4 that continues to donate dry goods for the pantry.
- SouthWest's food drive on the first Sunday of Lent of non-perishable food, shared between the Mission and Manna food bank.



Sharing the Loaves and Fishes

Sharing the loaves and fishes,
You gave us an image of solidarity with the hungry, O Lord.
Sharing yourself in the bread and wine,
You called all to the table, O Lord.
Give me the hunger to be a part of the feeding
And the healing of this world.
Nourish me with your Grace,
So I may work with joy to serve your children.
Open my eyes and my heart
To recognize those in poverty
And increase my awareness
Of the structures and systems
That need to be changed
So we may all break bread together.
In your name we pray for the end of hunger.

Education for Justice (internet resource)

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